• Airport/City Transfer

    Take your time and relax with our licensed and professional English speaking chauffeur service 

    Enjoy peace of mind without any engine exhaust in luxury Tesla Model S/X from 1,499 TWD.

    Coupon for You: 6N6XWJ

    Your green power plant worth $50

    EV100: Electric Only

    Enjoy your smoothest journey without any engine exhaust in our quiet and luxury Tesla Model S/X electric cars equipped with the most advanced safety technologies.

    RE100: 100% Clean Energy Is Yours

    We commit 100% profits to renewable energy to be the world's first carbon-neutral and pollution-free fleet in 2021. The best thing is - profits of our power plants will be given to you.

    Air Pollution Monitoring

    Every meter counts. Your journey helps us collect real-time air quality data throughout the city and identify air pollution sources. We aim to generate free real-time air quality maps for cities around the world.

  • Take a Zero-Emission Ride and Build Your Own Green Power Plant in Taiwan

    Your green power plant will be represented by a green power "plant" in our system. The more you ride, the bigger your plant is. Every month your plant fruits ZEV points that can be used as discount of next ride, or converted to cash.


    *The clean energy give back program will be online April 2019. We'll send an email to all previous passengers to redeem their green power plants.

  • so far, 850kWh of clean energy has been generated

    enough for our electric cars to run 4675 km
    *last updated: 2019 Feb

  • Progress: 1%

    We aim to generate 10,000 kWh/month to achieve RE100 (100% renewable energy for operation) in 2021