• How to Book

      with special corporate rate / plan

      1. Get the App

      2. To Apply Corporate Rate / Plan

      To Register

      Add company name (after yours)

      Use company email

      To Book

      Select "Tesla Model S/X"

      Note flight number

      • For regular pick-up we suggest booking at least 3 hours before
      • For late night and early morning pick-up (02:00-10:00 AM) we suggest booking at least the day before
      • Free cancellation until 2 hours before pick-up
      • Multiple pick-up / drop-off locations: TWD 200 per additional point within 5km
      • Credit card payment is processed in Singapore. Please consider paying by cards with more oversea rewards

      3. Step-by-Step

      Read below only if you really have no idea how to book


      I. Register - For First Time User


      Create account with your mobile phone number


      To apply corporate rate:

      1. Add your company name after your name

      2. Use company email (receipts delivered here)


      Your company does the payment

      • choose "cash" and do not pay by yourself at drop-off

      You want to pay by card

      • Enter card info in Wallet
      You want to pay in cash
      • Directly pay the driver at drop-off
      Receipt will be sent to registered email

      II. Booking

      Set pick-up

      • Pin your location as pick-up
      • Or touch and enter your pick-up location

      Select "Tesla Model S/X for Business"

      • Ignore the shown cost
      • Driver will enter corporate rate at drop-off

      Set pick-up time

      To the airport

      • From Taipei / Hsinchu: pick-up 3 hours prior to flight departure (suggested)

      From the airport

      • Set pick-up time as your flight arrival
      • Also note your flight number in the next step
      • Driver will check flight status and wait for you

      Set drop-off, flight number

      Set drop-off location

      • You can leave blank if drop-off is at Taoyuan (TPE) airport

      Add note

      • Your flight number (required for airport pick-up)
      • Special request (multiple pick-up/drop-off locations, safety seat, etc.)


      • Your company does the payment: choose "cash" and do not pay by yourself
      • You handle the payment: cash or card

      Ignore "estimated cost", the driver will enter corporate rate at drop-off

      III. Manage Your Bookings

      My Bookings

      • Driver and vehicle details will be shown once the booking is processed
      • To edit booking details, please cancel booking and re-book
      • Free cancellation until 2 hours before pick-up time
      • You can call ZEV service center or contact us by LINE

      During the trip

      • Driver usually turns on the trip task 15 mins prior to pick-up time

      After the trip task is in progress

      • You can check current location of the vehicle
      • You can also directly contact the driver
      At drop-off
      • Your company does the payment: choose "cash" and do not pay by yourself
      • You handle the payment: cash and card are both accepted
      If you need to simultaneously monitor multiple trips with the same account, contact us
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